I'm a ‘nonattached’, indie, freelance philosopher and visual artist. I have no salary, pension, 401k, or inheritance. My income flows directly from patronage (or matronage) via crowdfunding. If you like my scene, and you enjoy what I'm doing, then please by all means ...

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c o m i n g   n e x t


Director: Philosophical Intelligence Agency’ is for immediate general funding, any amount, to allow me to work on white papers such as the current investigation, 'The Livelihood Economy'.


Deep Doodles' is a campaign with a funding goal (investments of any amount) to help me launch a production run of 3'x 4' prints to sell and promote my artwork.

Philosophical Intelligence Agency’ 

a quarterly funding campaign for my cultural startup. P-I-A has the current mission of solving the problem of endemic poverty, then expressing that solution in universally understandable ways. The P-I-A is an esoteric think tank whose members blur the lines between agent provocateurs, performance artists, and philosophical thinkers. It is a think tank, moreover, that creates interesting lounge parties and other philosophical experiences.
HQ Lounge’ is a project of converting my accumulating music collections into virtual lounge parties. The longer range goal is to then covert the online event into an in-person party in Boulder, Colorado (as soon as The Disaster permits).

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