visual art

Chai walla, South India, Tamil Nadu.

* * *

My current collection of multimedia pieces are in 8"x10" glass protection frames. Twenty compositions (unique, numbered, signed) are ready to show in public spaces. See the Artist Statement at the bottom.

P01.01.02.18 (look for optical illusions)

P02.11.02.18 (gold and silver pen work)

P02.04.02.18 (gold pen work)


P02.12.02.18 (gold pen work)

P02.08.02.18 (gold penwork)

P02.07.02.18 (silver pen work)


Daemian has studied studio art, commercial design, Art History, English literature, electronic media, and Philosophy. He makes mixed media works that explore exchanges between hand drawing and computerized editing or other modalities, especially allowing time its special effects. He is interested in new applications for his imagery and designs, such as in decorative and plastic arts. Pieces are showable and purchasable via


pen & ink on paper (work in progress)

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