I do two kinds of consulting, meant for distinct audiences:


For individual people who wish to transition from working hard in life to smart work, I can help.
  • working hard: leasing out one's mind to do things others want done (wages, poverty)
  • smart work: building a livelihood using one's own time+energy (intel-capital, wealth)
I could show you how I and others are breaking free of the poverty trap. I can give you crucial facts, pique you with new ideas, and shove you off on your way toward a happier lifestyle.

Companies (especially startups)

For companies, particularly startups in the Boulder/Denver area, I offer business and organizational consulting, going by the brand name PROFOUND.

Here is the first marketing piece for this endeavor, which should be self explanatory. (More to come here about these forms of consulting soon.)

I am, incidentally, also the founder and creator of a new online publication, Space Time Spy.