'Adventures of a Philosopher-Artist'

'Adventures of a Philosopher-Artist' title frame
a new 'reality-show+'

This is what Daemian calls a reality-show+ because it acts as an intertext, or as part of a world-building technique (in this case, parallel worlds). 'Adventures', which started filming on January 26th, 2022, deals in a direct and self-aware way with the phenomenology of experiencing something along the lines of the Great Resignation but closer to a revolt against the institution of employment itself. Because his social experiment is his Real life, he considers this a kind of existentialist artwork.

Alongside 'Adventures' are other intertexts, including the quasi-organization, The Philosophical Intelligence Agency (tpi.agency), of which Daemian is the Director. The P-I-A has a formal mandate to liberate especially young people from the phenomenology of survival mode (which is the very challenge Daemian is living out, forerunning, testing, and portraying in his reality-show+).

Daemian writes short stories about a group called the Philosophical Intelligence Agency, another intertext in this connection. 

Simultaneously, Daemian is undergoing the mind-blowing process of severing from the institution (or rather illness) of employment, and, the P-I-A is finalizing its e-course designed for Millennials as a guide in 'reaching escape velocity exiting the American poverty trap', and for anyone joining the Great Resignation movement. 

You can watch 'Adventures of a Philosopher-Artist' for free on Patreon and very soon highlights of episodes on Daemian's YouTube channel. As a subscriber via Patreon (patreon.com/daemian), you can watch the episodes in HD with exclusive long-format material. 

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