Buckle Up, Consciousness

In a moment and instant of consciousness, where and when any impulse whatever may arise: what is most important, most vital, crucial, and necessary?

Any impulse hopefully will follow closely upon what is most ‘thought provoking’; meanwhile the overarching imperative either for the experience of movement (given as impulses) or of perfect repose and relaxation is simply understanding what is most important.

Whatever shows up as thought provoking, ideally, is already related to (and answering to) what is most important – but this depends upon the clarity, indeed the utter transparency, of consciousness against the backdrop of Reality. Thus, aside from the ultimate value of what is always-already most important and self-sufficient (the Real, or Beingness), what is inevitably most thought provoking will be the ongoing question of how clear or truthful consciousness happens to appear, forever Now.

Potentially, the next natural question is how best to know (prove, confirm) this status or character of consciousness. But already present in that curiosity, knowing and consciousness will be found emanating from Reality – even just logically – and from nowhere else. Therefore in order to understand (we also could say, to appreciate fully) the current ontological status of a conscious state, all that is necessary is to acknowledge its Real source and only then perhaps to notice how truthfully the mediating nature of consciousness reflects that Reality. The absolute rule-of-thumb or acid test for whether conscious mediation is truthful reflection is only its transparency (void, nothingness), rather than a reflectivity that produces extra, unnecessary phenomena in consciousness.

So, authentically knowing the status of consciousness will be marked by the utter simplicity of receptivity and acceptance, to the extent of a total relax, rather than by any desire, exertion, or stress. To know consciousness, therefore, is to Be(come) the Reality from which consciousness springs; furthermore, it will be understood intrinsically that Reality supplies the very power and will that create knowingness in space and time, as well as the ontological agency that can evaporate knowingness (which evidently and necessarily does happen whenever conscious states arise and fade away).

Understanding this basic ontology and epistemology of consciousness is the only truthful precursor and prerequisite for the manifestation of movement, sensing, and phenomenality. Phenomenal experience (witnessing birth, existence, movement, change, death) is intelligent to the extent that consciousness and selfhood remain most attracted to acknowledging their origin in simplest Reality (which is to say, their givenness); this intelligence is the basis of the playfulness that is the existential character of conscious states, including their ephemeral phenomena, which includes selves.

The value and worthwhileness of any intelligent experience, as constituted by intrinsic acknowledging of its Real root, will show up as pure playfulness (devoid of a program or object) enabled by trust in Truth, which is how the Real manifests phenomenally. That kind of absolute trust is the same as Being what is most trustworthy: this trust functions there as a transparent membrane between Reality and phenomenon, between Beingness and consciousness – yet in either case the last traces of distance or difference implied by ‘between’ actually collapse in the fullest understanding.

The fullest understanding of the phenomenality of consciousness, as explained here, is left with only perfectly empty Beingness that is still, silent, permanent – this naturally pulls any conscious state toward its own utter simplification, its reduction to Beingness, the resolution of its phenomenality into nothingness at the instantaneous ‘escape velocity’ of none other than the Real [void], beyond space and time.

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