What Is Worth the Life-Time?

What is the ‘most thought provoking’? This query is what Heidegger thought was the primary philosophical line of questioning, to which he answered, the most thought provoking is that we still are not thinking.

I would offer the gloss that here ‘thinking’ means, asking the right questions, and, becoming the proof of what is understood. He laid out this kind of critique particularly with respect to understanding our technologies, and moreover the paradigm of their technicity.

I believe this also is beyond doubt: just as important is that which does not require thought, at any given moment. Yet it should be pointed out that the very interest in a non-thinking state, or impersonal Beingness, is ‘had’ or comprehended from the standpoint of the most rarefied ontological approach.

Being able to enter the thoughtless yet absolutely alert and spontaneous state (that includes the many virtues of meditation, such as ecstatic relaxation) is seamless with the Philosophical state of wisdom as well as with mystical experience.

It is safe to say that this ontological interest is the highest level of thinking because it includes the obsolescence and cessation of normal mental activity, through a full and final understanding of thinking itself that needs no thought -- which therefore detaches, delaminates, the human identity pattern, away from the thinking subject as constituted by its (false) identification with the bodily phenomenon.

Back on earth: There are several topics that are considered to be the most thought provoking by this blog, presently and probably henceforth:

Phenomenology (Husserl)
Media Studies (McLuhan)
Mysticism (India, and everywhere)
Idealism (Berkeley)
Literary Theory

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