Surviving Snow Days

Today is a snow day for us here where I live. This year, this winter, and on this particular snow day, the fact that millions of people are expected to risk their lives by driving their cars to jobs that don’t pay them enough given that much risk (but given many other disadvantages) seems utterly inhumane.

Employment really looks like indentureship during people’s commutes on a day like today.

. . . Yes, I do think that we should have a local economy that can absorb the fact that most of the public wants to stay home during an urban blizzard! Is that so crazy sounding?

If employment wasn’t the entrenched institution that dominates labor and work in our society, then there would be no necessity for people to commute to workplaces (under threat of termination), often risking their lives, contributing to traffic, polluting the air. Those few but awful detriments are sufficient to comprehend the problem with the present employment status quo, although there are numerous others.

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