Freed Time

Taking the rest of a day ‘off’ can be astoundingly creative, seemingly in lockstep with how oppressive it can feel forcing oneself to work to earn money.

Here we start with the assumption of being neither hereditarily wealthy nor financially independent.

Neo prior to finding his true livelihood.
But it would be best to discard the notion that this ‘free time’ is just respite and relief from our work shifts. During a hiatus from labor that involves serving people, particularly, one can find it easier to take up a quieter tone and go at one’s real pace.

Although it can feel frustrating to have to divide one’s daily energy between survival and self-development, undergoing the full economic drama may offer some surprising advantages. (We can appreciate those benefits after exploring this idea of freed time.)

First, Pretend to Be Free

Mere work tends to condition and constrain the mind for tackling survival only. While blowing off such work, one can blow that survivalist mindset strategically, in order to sharpen thinking and gain perspective. Then hopefully there is enough time also to express and share whatever understanding came about, or at least take a single step into a given plan for emancipation.

Although we commonly say ‘time off’, this kind of moment is best used to turn on creativity. Instead of turning off and vegetating (as recovery from working for dollars), non-work periods can be our time on. And once such a session starts, it helps (not to waste any of the precious moment) if a mission statement already is there, etched into one’s thinking, like a reigning mantra. Also, knowing what the heart and soul naturally gravitate toward (as well as what is anathema) makes for a powerful beginning stance.

Otherwise, obviously it will be necessary to devote any time off to getting very clear about one’s mission in life, and, distinguishing what furthers this mission from what hinders it. Ideally the mission and whatever can advance it should align. So, one’s mission and freed time should fuse.

Mission Beyond Desires

But making a so-called mission statement is not the same as fixating upon mere personal preferences ad nauseum (like, ‘I want a car, a house, and to do a lot of traveling’). With the mission present (that is, the truth about essential interests), the stage is set for taking time away from menial work by transmuting it into the moment to muster crucial energy and effort. It’s the kind of moment that transcends personal frivolities and the anxiety of survival mode.

A categorical way to understand this potentially revolutionary moment we’re sketching could be in terms of true livelihood. It is also, pragmatically, the trick of switching away from an indentured condition toward a self-directed way of living at every level.

That transition can feel miserably slow, and near the end of the learning curve (or, wisdom curve) one may feel extra sensitive about any setbacks that do occur. Obstacles might be interpreted personally as unfair  when actually they are part of the overall fun and plot of liberating oneself. 

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