Choice as Honesty

22 November 2016, South India — At any given instant, an individual person, a ‘me’, a ‘you’, a ‘her’ and ‘him’, may have a choice involving one’s raw attention. The choice is to pay attention to what is most interesting within oneself, or, to let attention get diffused or stolen by circumstances (including others, a job, whatever). So this is a matter of being honest, or not, with oneself.

There is no need in this to judge interests or rate them. But honesty towards what is interesting is all important. Interests will change, yet the choice to be honest in any given moment will remain true regardless. Honesty is a universal key, and, it allows the person to experience humility — for instance when one can understand that interests themselves are not chosen, but given to one’s mind naturally.

Even to be honest is not governed by choosing in the sense of individual agency or power, which is amazing! If one’s consciousness happens to contain the very idea of choice (without going in any direction yet) then, logically, this too has been given and, paradoxically, it was not a matter of choice.

We cannot choose to grasp the power of choice; it is there within us or it is not. Consider yourself lucky if it is, since it unlocks your consciousness. Consciousness that is opened, can choose to accept and embrace its own given interest. This honesty brings strength, happiness, and yet it has the power to transcend any particular interests when the most interesting possibility is one’s own consciousness from a standpoint of extraordinary humility.

The good news is that above and beyond all the vicissitudes involved with honest pursuits of true interests (whatever they are, always evolving), the ultimate potential of arriving in one’s own consciousness is ever present and experienced as a complete freedom from time, improvement, or even individual identity. Call this what you will (it has been called by many names throughout time), or just think of it as the Real; this is the source that gives our interests and our basic choice to pay attention honestly to them.

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