Philosophy = Art

11 September 2016, India — To say that one is a philosopher and an artist should be redundant. But since there are academic philosophers (scholars or historians of Philosophy) it is more precise to clarify the fact that one is a practical philosopher, one who is engaged in praxis, pursuing the art of philosophising.

Painting, The Death of Socrates is a 1787 oil on canvas painting by the French painter Jacques-Louis David.
The Death of Socrates
The original Greek philosophers were not just scholars or learned people; they were in love with knowing, lovers of understanding. They were artists using the medium of free thinking, pure imagination. Their results always were the same: wisdom, in which the various styles and approaches of philosophising dissolved in the end.


Theory & Praxis

The word praxis is more than a fancy synonym for 'practise'. Talking about praxis would attract a philosopher because it opens the question of doing (from the Greek). Yet praxis acts in a fresh, theoretical, experimental, critical way, rather than to practise something already known.